About Our Loans

MoneyMan is all about responsible lending supported by convenience, speed and customer satisfaction.

Who is Qualified

Salary deduction from the following

  • Government employees
  • Approved Hotel employees
  • Employees of Other approved companies
  • If your employer is not on the list, click below to request company approval

How to Apply For Loan

3 ways to apply

  • Online at
  • Free Mobile/tablet app (apple, android, tablets)
  • Office at #7 Mount Royal Avenue (Hawkins Hills near Shirley Street)
  • Once you apply (online or mobile), you only come to us to collect your check!

Fastest loan approval in town


Responsible Lenders to Responsible Customers!  Pay us off within 36 months.  Control debt so it doesn’t control you. Build strong credit history now for credit bureau. Transparent competitive fees and rates promote conscientious borrowing. Superior service with 24/7 access (online and mobile)

A responsible, licenced Financial & Corporate Service Provider

  • Regulated by The Securities Commission of The Bahamas
  • Licenced to give and manage loans to customers
  • A 100% Bahamian-owned company

Not a bank … but we are much faster and much more convenient!

  • No hidden or exorbitant fees
  • No hassle
  • No long bank lines

Not an ASUE … we are much more secure and far more convenient

  • No dishonest Asue Holders (Administrators) running off with your money
  • You never have to worry about other participants’ honesty and credibility
  • You get your funds when you need it … every time!!!

Not your normal private lender … we’re much more transparent and judicious

  • No hidden terms (we don’t hide loan rates and tenure)
  • No private unknown lenders with questionable source of funds
  • No gimmicks

We are Here to Help You

Responsible Lenders to Responsible Customers!

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