MoneyMan products are designed to help you save.  With loans starting at $1,000, we combine short terms and low interest rates to help you save thousands.  Our fast approvals allow you to get the cash you need when you need it.

Choose the loan below that best suits your needs.

Credit Card Buster

Get rid of high credit card debt, increase your available balance for future needs and save with a Credit Card Buster loan. MoneyMan will convert your high interest credit card balance, usually 18% or higher, to our really low 10% loan. See loan details below:

  Interest Rate



  Up to $5,000


  Up to 3 years

  Government & Approved Salary deduction only

MoneyMan Loan

If you need more cash or lower payments, our standard MoneyMan loan is the right product for you.


  Up to $10,000


  Up to 6 years

  Government & Approved Salary deduction only

For Other Loan Options

Contact us at: 356-3555, 356-3557, 356-3559

  Who is Qualified

  Salary deduction from the following

  •   Government employees

  •   Approved Hotel employees

  •   Employees of Other approved companies

  •   If your employer is not on the list, contact us to request company approval

Once you apply (online or mobile),
you only come to us to collect your check!

  How to Apply

  3 ways to apply

  •   Online via our website

  •   Free mobile/tablet app (apple, android, tablets)

  •   Office at #7 Mount Royal Avenue (Hawkins Hills near Shirley Street)

Fastest loan approval in town